Are you ready to learn about the latest trends in technology? Do you sometimes feel lost in the technology jungle? Would you like clear guidance regarding Windows, Office, the Cloud, security, and other technology-related issues? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then make plans now to invest four hours in this fast-paced and highly informative seminar that is sure to ramp up your return on technology investment. The technology tools available to businesses have never been better, but many are not taking full advantage of these tools. This course helps professionals, at all levels, understand the major trends in hardware, software, and services and how to utilize these tools to meet organizational objectives both efficiently and effectively. More than just a seminar on the latest computers, you will learn about the full spectrum of practical technology available to you and your team and how to implement these tools for maximum impact. "Excellent class, full of pertinent and useful information." G.P., CPA AL For more details, please visit 

Session Information
Session Date:
November 28, 2018
Session Objectives
  • Upon completing this course, you should be able to: * List and describe key features of Windows 10 and identify situations where upgrading might be advantageous * Analyze developments in mobile technologies and develop an optimal mobile strategy * Identify security issues facing business professionals and list options for mitigating risk * List and describe key features of Office 2016 and determine an optimal time to upgrade * Identify major trends in hardware, including desktops, laptops, servers, tablets, storage, and printing * Develop strategies for successful Cloud implementations, including accounting and tax, document management, workflow, and data storage and synchronization applications * Define virtualization and identify how it potentially changes the technology infrastructure in your office
K2's Technology Update_Part 1
K2's Technology Update_Part 1
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Georgia Society of CPAs
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