Contracts can be marvelously complex--the difference between a period and a comma can be the difference between triumph and disaster. You'll learn how a valid, binding contract can be formed that affects you, even though you never said or wrote a word, how you can become contractually bound because of what someone else did-even without your knowledge. More importantly, you'll learn how to protect your rights in such situations and avoid the pitfalls that all too often arise in contracts. This seminar will cover various elements of contracts that are important for businesspeople and accountants in particular to know, including contract formation and termination, special issues in contracts, including third party rights and duties, which are very relevant to public accountancy. 

Session Information
Session Date:
November 26, 2018
Session Objectives
  • Recognize tax positions taken in tax returns and how those positions are to be evaluated for purposes of accruing the related tax benefits in the financial statements.
Contracts for Accountants_Part 1
Contracts for Accountants_Part 2
Contracts for Accountants_Part 3
Contracts for Accountants_Part 4
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Georgia Society of CPAs
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