The importance of understanding fraud and white collar crime for accountants is hard to overstate. In the wake of Enron, WorldCom, HealthSouth, the Madoff Ponzi scheme and other industry-shaking scandals, every accountant should have a working knowledge of fraud schemes. This seminar covers fraud from an accountant's perspective, with an emphasis on materials that would be relevant to the CFE exam. The seminar will first lay the foundation for criminal theory, then progress to various types of white collar crimes, including embezzlement, insider trading, theft of trade secrets, statutory fraud, and RICO law. The seminar will also cover the basics of several fraud schemes, including Ponzi schemes, skimming, phishing, reimbursement fraud schemes, check tampering, payroll schemes, and false vendor fraud. Case studies and updates on cases in the federal criminal system will be covered extensively, giving accountants practical, updated knowledge on the topics. 

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December 04, 2018
Criminal Law and White Collar Crime_Part 1
Criminal Law and White Collar Crime_Part 2
Criminal Law and White Collar Crime_Part 3
Criminal Law and White Collar Crime_Part 4
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Georgia Society of CPAs
Accounting & Auditing (A&A): 8.00
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