The law can be your best friend as an accountant-or your worst enemy. The difference between the two is typically knowledge: do you possesses it or not? Accountants deal with legal issues on a regular basis and one law class taken in undergraduate school decades ago and passing REG on the CPA Exam is not sufficient to prepare accountants for possible legal pitfalls in the profession. This course is a great primer for professionals in public or private accounting. The course covers the basics of legal procedure, evidence, torts, employment law, constitutional law, criminal law, contracts, bankruptcies and the Uniform Commercial Code. Each subject is taught from the perspective of the accounting profession, emphasizing practical application to the field and tips and tricks for using the law to your advantage. 

Session Information
Session Date:
December 13, 2018
Session Objectives
  • A solid understanding of complex legal issues that come up every day and how to respond to them are vitally important. This seminar covers constitutional issues, fourth amendment, fifth amendment, contracts, The Uniform Commercial Code, criminal law and white collar crime, as well as fraud issues.
Business Law for Accountants_Part 1
Business Law for Accountants_Part 2
Business Law for Accountants_Part 3
Business Law for Accountants_Part 4
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Georgia Society of CPAs
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